DC distribution for railway

The DC team works with a different type of voltage but is guided by the same work ethic as the AC secondary team. The experience of our engineers combined with a good work ethic ensures the high quality of our services. No matter what stage the project is in, our DC team is always ready to participate.

Single Line Diagram
Creation/modification of SLD diagram as per clients request.

Logic Diagrams
Logic diagrams can be made for control/protection purposes, mechanical/electrical inter-locking, inter-tripping, auto re-close etc.

Circuit & Terminal Diagrams
Creation of complete control/protection or tertiary panel doc. (panel layout, circuit diagrams, wiring diagrams, cable lists, cable core sheets, part lists etc...).

Tertiary Design
DC distribution boards, metering panels, battery calculations etc.

Secondary Equipment Selection
According to tender requests or for purpose of optimisation proposed concepts we can prepare list of materials, inquiry documentation and negotiate with supplier.

Protection Relay Parameterization
Calculation of settings and parameterization of protection relays.

As Built
Preparation of As Built for previously mentioned documentation according to site mark-ups.